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Chrono 06-14-2022 05:41 PM

Quillmane Classic EQ Progression Server

I am currently in development of a new server called Quillmane, which will be a classic style progression server with some quality of life extras. There are some major points I'll address below which makes it a bit different to your usual Classic EQ Progression server. Our website can be found here: https://quillmane.com

- Raid bosses instanced. Starting from Naggy/Vox the server will offer instancing of your own raids for your guild with a weekly lockout. Open world bosses will still be a thing for extra loot!

- Buffed raid bosses, in the first few expansions (where the bosses are kind of easy!) they will have boosted damage and HP to make it a bit more challenging.

- Boxing friendly; there are plenty of classic servers with box limits to choose from if that's your deal but I rarely see boxing friendly start-ups that aren't already post PoP/GoD such as PEQ. So there will be no boxing limit here, read the rules for full details on that.

Development wise it's going well and I am hoping for a July/August launch, but figured I would drop this post to drum up a bit of interest (or see if anyone is interested in it!).

It is currently hosted on AWS on quite a low tier package whilst developing it so I will need to figure out what package will be required especially if there are going to be a lot of boxers early on, so on release day I may need to scale it up quite quickly to accomodate for that so if you notice lag on the first few days please bear that in mind :)

Chrono 09-15-2022 12:30 PM

Updated the website with news of the server and how we are progressing with it all!

Checkout https://quillmane.com/ and the news section for our updates =)

We still aren't launched yet, mainly because I keep running into issues that need to be fixed so my list keeps growing! But we are hoping to launch within the next month -our Discord is here to join and follow us for further updates and news:



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