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CE2JRH 09-12-2020 02:51 PM

Looking to make a 6 box
Hey, I'm looking to play and start a 6 box all at once. I've got bad planning, and have play time coming up this weekend; but when I try to create more EQEmu accounts, it says "You must wait one week between loginserver account creations when total exceeds 3."

What do people generally do for this? Divide accounts via multiple e-mail address? Have better planning ahead than I do?

I'd like to keep all the loginserver accounts on the same e-mail for simplicities sake; if I start extras on a different e-mail, can I transfer them to this account later?

Huppy 09-12-2020 04:05 PM

Unfortunately, the account system they have in place (both perks and quirks) have been rock solid for years. I assume they have a good reason for the time lock on loginserver account creations. But it's really no big deal, it's just 3 immediate accounts per email. The loginserver usernames and passwords is what matters the most. I always recommend putting all the emails, user names in a text file on your puter, with only "password hints", if you have a skeptical memory.

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