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Huppy 08-13-2021 09:18 AM

Huppy's Sandbox
I'm posting this here, because it's more of support topic for people starting/working on a new server.

I put up a "sandbox" server, simply for others to poke around and might want to see if any '"issues' they may be having with a fresh server are more than just a common glitch on their end, or see if something that's not working for them, but working elsewhere.

This server is a completely fresh install, from scratch, as of Aug 12. It only has one main purpose - for testing "current" peq/source code, etc., and help find unexpected bugs/causes/solutions, etc. This sandbox will never be customized or altered from it's vanilla state. it will be updated at least once a month, when the Emu teams spit out important updates.

It's hosted in a data centre in eastern Canada, on a Debian 10 linux distro and it will be up, for the most part 24/7. There is no patch files needed to log on. There is no requirement for a specific client, just whatever works on a vanilla server.

PLAYERS - TAKE NOTE: If you choose to hop on it and play around, you're welcome to, but do not expect anything but vanilla, and please respect the server for what it is. - a test box. there is a buffer and summoner in the Pok, by the soulbinder, with mercs enabled, but that's the icing on the cake. It's not there for production, just development testing.

But for anyone wanting or needing to see what a fresh (working) install looks like, feel free to look around.


Huppy 08-14-2021 07:57 PM

If anyone is interested in a clean copy of the sandbox database, you can find a download link over at Huppy's House. The zip comes with the two quests for buffer and summoner/rezzer in PoK.

Huppy 08-18-2021 04:16 AM

I just want to clarify a few things, since sometimes I get a question about the sandbox server regarding things that weren't specificly addressed, and I apologize for that. I do have random moments where I am (unintentionally), being too brief with details, thinking I am being understood. (I'm working on that fault) ;)

First of all, even though I have 6 seperate personal server projects on the go, the sandbox server is NOT a testbox for any of those projects. It has nothing to do with them. But at the same time, "Huppy's Sandbox" is not about Huppy either. It's a totally unselfish project that I am even dishing out money to a remote host, for it to be there 24/7.

You can think about the sandbox as a trivial little resource, contributed for the odd 'new" person to use for exploring in a troubleshooting way for their own recent install. Let me give you one, tiny example. John Doe installs a fresh server. He logs on, only to find some things may not be functioning as they should. (a door, a zone point, or whatever else). His first instinct is to start searching, googling or asking questions in the community. "Is this supposed to work, or did it come that way ? Did I do something on my end, or should I tell someone it's not working ?

Well, he has one more troubleshooting option available which "might" save someone wasted time. Since the sandbox server is (and always will be) in it's default, vanilla state, the way it came when it was installed, he can log on to it and see if that same issue is occuring. The database, the quests, etc, are not edited, customized or altered from it's default install, other than a couple helpful npc's I put in the PoK for convenience. I also enabled mercs, for anyone to who wants to explore their default functionality.

Yes, we all know there is many different resources and options for John Doe/newbie to search, read or ask, but this is just one more added to the list. I realize someone can also go explore the PEQ server project, but I've already compared that with default installs in the past and not everything that gets fixed on the PEQTGC may come fixed in the default end-user installs. Eventually, the peq database does get those fixes, but doesn't help John Doe today. Once a month, the server will get updated (currently at vs 9167), including the quests, database and source code, if needed.

Random PLAYERS - The server is open to the public, but as I mentioned, it's NOT a production server, nor will I be running around fixing things that, by default, do not work. It would defeat the whole purpose of it being there. You can log on and play, with no expectations. This is NOT a server for players to explore GM commands. You are welcome to use MQ/2, etc. I don't care about warping/ghosting. I only have one restriction for any and all players, which is common sense. Respect the server, anyone who may be on it and don't be a jerk. You don't need any patch files, just grab any client of your choice (Rof2 is recommended, but not required). But as a REMINDER, I will NOT be accepting requests/suggestions to fix anything, or alter the server mechanics for any reason. It must remain in it's default, install.

I hope this has enlightened a few people. Have Fun!

Huppy 09-01-2021 01:08 PM

Sept 1st - The sandbox was updated to current source code (recompiled with Aug 31st commits), as well as quests updated to current. Total uptime before update: 19 days, 3 hours, 30 minutes. Next update anticipated - Sept 29th.

Huppy 09-25-2021 07:29 PM

DOWNTIME - (myself and projects)

I'm going to put on the shelf for awhile, after the 28th, as I have 2 different surgeries to go for and get some health issues dealt with. Not sure how long I will be in hospital, but might be looking at 3-6 weeks 'ish for recoup, as well. During this time, I will be temporarily shutting down any projects I have going, as I won't be available to babysit them, let alone work on them. Thanks everyone.

ChaosSlayerZ 09-27-2021 08:55 PM

Best of luck to you HUPPY,

Huppy 09-27-2021 11:50 PM


Originally Posted by ChaosSlayerZ (Post 267168)
Best of luck to you HUPPY,

Thanks Chaos. It's nothing too serious. Woke up one day with my entire upper body in more pain than I had ever experienced. 5 days of hell, barely slept or ate. I thought it was coming from an older spinal fracture injury. It was hard to pinpoint the epicentre of the pain, it was so vast, but finally went to hospital and found out it was an acute inflamed pancreas that caused it all. After they did the CT scan that day, they also found a little malignant spot on my right kidney. /shrug

It's kind of like when you find a little glitch in the source code, something else pops up. ;)

I haven't stayed in a hospital, since before wireless internet existed, but we have a new hospital here, so I am not sure if it's available to patients. If it's there, I may be able to pop up once in awhile.

Huppy 11-23-2021 08:28 AM

Well, everything went as expected, but typing on this cheezy phone with this Samsung internet browser is just not my forte. Watched more movies laying in bed the last 4 weeks than I have in 20 years. I'll have everything back to normal in a week or so and get in my "desktop potatoe" position. ;)

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