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Hurb 11-21-2021 09:44 AM

HurbQuest PVE server -- Enjoy the game!
Thanks to the great EQEmu guides for linux installation, I was able to start a server hosted on Amazon Web Services EC2 t.3 instance with Debian 10 linux.

I launched the server and it works, but its got the base install database and NOTHING new added or changed...at this point: You Get What You Get!

I am available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week checking the forums and server status. I live near Seattle, Washington. The server is in Ohio~


-- If you want to box, go ahead.. i havent set any rules preventing boxing as far as I know

-- if you want items, just ask.

I don't have PVP or bots enabled as far as I know ... but if you want to pvp I bet there can be some arena battles set up.

-- If you need help assembling a group, like of level 1's in specific zone, I can summon you and bind you so you can have fun playing with your friends during this holiday break!

The server is now available for users and I want to know what you think.

https://hurbquest.com > https://hurbquest.blogspot.com

https://hurbquest.freeforums.net <-- post in HurbQuest forum or /petition and let me know what you need on the server.

Post to Hurbquest forums about what you need in game ... I want everyone to have the items they want, and to build the character they want to play with

No delay in levelling, I will set your level, the skills, the items, the name... just let me know.


This is an experiment but it seems to work..

My focus as the server operator will be on NPC editing in the zones that I enjoy... like Splitpaw..

I never levelled past 53... I started the Guide program after Velious came out and briefly played during Luclin/Planes of Power.. like a few days briefly.. I enjoyed Lost Dungeons of Norrath for the consistency/short term play.

I really just like original EQ and exploring zones with people... and making gnomish fireworks.


Hurb 12-04-2021 09:29 PM

All HurbQuest characters can

- use #peqzone to travel to any zone (with level requirements met like Planar level for hateplane)

Post on the HurbQuest https://hurbquest.freeforums.net/ forum or log in to the server and use the in-game command: /petition ..and I will give your character levels/items/skills, and help you try out the parts of the game you're interested in

The server can be used for events, like Arena best of the best (set levels/skills and get equipped to do what you want to with a group of friends) or reunions with old EQ pals, wearing the armor you love and with the names/titles you desire

enjoy your time !

Hurb 12-08-2021 02:18 PM


I have been working on editing NPC's, spawning NPC's, and assigning grids and learning the in's/out's of the Perl/LUA and quest editing.

All levels and ALL accounts have access to GM gear in the Plane of Knowledge.

Simply tell Robb Stark "i want to leave" or use #peqzone poknowledge to find the vendors near a tree: The Quartermaster and the GM Armor.


These items will allow you to play the game without becoming a damage god -- if you use the invulnerability ring, you can't cast spells... so feel free to run around zones.

You can resurrect yourself or others, and enjoy increased travel speed / health and mana, as well as cancel magic and memory blur and gate and bind affinity.

Feel free to play the game how you like, as I convert zones to Westeros/Essos/Valyria and populate them with characters.

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