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akses731 11-30-2021 12:45 AM

Which server has the NPC that ports to any zone.
I'm new here. I just want to run through some of the old pre-kunark zones. Don't actually want to play. I remember there being some server where there was an NPC at the starting point who could port me to any zone?

Can anyone let me know which server that was?

Thank you

Gnowm 11-30-2021 05:01 AM

Alternatively just find one that allows the use of #peqzone. If ya just wanna run around.

Vexyl 12-02-2021 01:46 PM

If you're only looking to run through zones and maybe see NPCs pathing around, check out the Lantern project, an early version of a EQ remake project done in Unity.


Check out the guide, and be sure to download both Lantern and the asset bundle (copying the assets over to lantern).

akses731 12-03-2021 01:34 AM

Yes, I see the #peqzone for some servers. A better question, is there a sever which starts me off as god mode or level 50 so that I can run through zones and not get attacked by mobs?


Hurb 12-04-2021 10:03 AM

This should help you explore the zones.. no NPC's though


self - hype: HurbQuest server has all the expansions enabled and your level 1 character will have access to the #peqzone command


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