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Originally Posted by Akkadius View Post
Due to a variety reasons, we've been considering deprecating all game clients up to the Rain of Fear clients.

This means that the following clients would no longer be maintained in the main server code:
  • Titanium
  • SoF
  • SoD
  • UF

Maintainability being one of the biggest reasons, another large reason is because of having to hack server code heavily which introduced a large amount of complexity in trying to implement new inventory code.

This also would forces players on all servers to be on a newer version of code.

We would branch our code into a Github branch to a frozen state where all clients work, but further features and implementations would only support RoF+ clients.

I would like to extend this discussion into a thread for players and server operators to chime in on.

Again, this is nothing final, but bringing the discussion public for all to chime in on.

We've briefly discussed this in coders and would like to see others feedback.
I love this idea. The sheer quantity of legacy code that could be removed in the RoF+ branch would vastly simplify things and may even speed up introduction of new features if only because the backwards compatibility issues would be reduced (or outright eliminated).

And for those people still on the older clients, it's not like they couldn't branch the source if they wanted to maintain it for their own servers.