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Default Client connection issue (Solved)

I have used the eqemu installation process to create a new server (for my family) and it was a very straightforward process - Thanks for streamlining it all.

When I start my server it appears in the "eqemulator" server list OK.

I can connect to the server using RoF2 client base on the PC the server is on, but cannot connect through a different PC.

I have used both Titanium and RoF2 clients to connect to other "eqemulator" servers, so I know the client side is OK.

On the server side - I have checked the ports on the firewall are all open (5998, 5999, 7000-7500, 7778 and 9000-9001.

I have tried to make sure these ports are also open on the router (not sure whether I have done this right as I don't know if I have to specify every potential named connection). I just created an umbrella EQEmu for all the above ports.

I have not tried to get it working over a LAN yet, as my son needs to connect via the internet.

I haven't listed all my config files as they are all as standard with the modifications made to the specified client and server files (eg eqemu_config.json etc)

Can anyone help out.


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