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Default Confirmation emails for new accounts not working?

Registered for a new account to park a mule in the bazaar and it's been 30 minutes now and I have yet to receive the confirmation email to activate the new account. Is this service down at the moment?


Edit - Been well over an hour now and still waiting.

Edit 2 - Been over 2 hours now. Still no confirmation email. And yes, I have checked my spam folder.

Edit 3 - I tried the account creation process again with a new name and email and, again, the confirmation email has not been sent so I'm safely assuming the process is broken at the moment.

Edit 4 - Coming up on 5 hours on the first try, over an hour on the second try and still no confirmation emails.

Edit 5 - Still no confirmation email for either new account. I'm giving up at this point. Hopefully the issue resolves, or someone could be kind enough to provide more information about why this process is not working. I'm incredibly frustrated. Good luck everyone.

Edit 6 - Over 24 hours later - still no conformation emails.
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