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I built it I will Support it!
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I am all for releasing the source code, albeit mostly for personal and probably selfish reasons; although, I can see both sides here. I agree that releasing the source will most likely increase interest in SimpleClient and open many possibilities previously unavailable to custom servers. I can also see the disadvantage to releasing the source in that it would make it easier to cheat on a server; however, other games have open source clients and servers and that does not seem to stop them from becoming successful, take Planshift for instance. I think it just requires the developer to get more creative such as Richardo's idea and many other things that can be done in order to prevent people from compiling their own version of the client and connecting to your server.

If my vote counts for anything I vote for releasing the source.

Hell, it is written in Delphi and who the hell uses that anymore (j/k WC).