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oh and another benefit of opensourcing is that server devs wont have to wait for someone else to make a fix and post a release they could fix them themselves.

A project like SC just wont work with only a few developers atleast not in a timely fashoin they wont be able to work on it 8 hours a day every day ya know? Opensourcing will allow it to get developed much much faster people will post bug fixes, new features and ideas upgrades ( such as upgrading the graphics engine) and so forth.

the only way to allow truly unique games to be made with it is to opensource it, short of that the devs would have to make it so generic and editable that it would be just about the same risk of cheating either way.

So why not just release it and let the community do what its done for all these years and help build it make new flavors of it, make it grow into a good unique pice of software. I guarentee that if the source is released in a short time you will see its popularity grow and see the community chipping in with it contributing their code and additions to this great software.

Well WC so far its a 5 to 1 vote on opensourcing it some good dialog reguarding opening the source has gone on so what do you say, afterall its your project and as far as i can tell the only one of your great programs youve given the community which doesnt include the source.