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Default Stackable Focuses

Item's Spell Focus effecst as you know do not stack. If you have more than one of the same type, the highest effect only used.

On other hand worn item effects like Vengeance, Ferocity, Cleave - all stack.

After looking at soem other MMOs for a while I realy liked the idea where caster items have many small spell focus effects but they stack up, rather than havign a single large focus effect on one items (games like EQ2 or WoW)

So here si a proposal for interestign feature which will not interfear with true-to-LIVE Focus system.

We leave current spell focus effects as they are (non stackeable). However nothign prevents us from puting Focus Effect into a WornEffect field (where things like Vengeance and Cleave go) and make then stack!

This way the server code will support both - a true to LIVE Focuses, and a custom stackeable focuses since they will be sitting in 2 diffirent item fields and never intereact: on true to LIVE server there won't be any items where Focus has been placed into WornEffect field, while custom server can move their spell focuses into WornEffect fields and benefit from multyple identical focuses stacking up to a high total +%!

This gives a whole new range of creating custom caster gear which will actualy augment their spell power (posibly above 100% and even higher) rather than just keep giving then items with crap load of int/wis or mana.
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