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I know I should most likely be learning propper use of SQL and such, but for now just one dumb question:
"How do I start over with a fresh PEQ data base?"

I installed using the windows installer, it worked great (after I disabled anti virus while installing!), and this server is just for me doing stupid things so if someone is in a helping mood, I need a little help doing some other things in HeidiSQL:

1) I would like all items and augs etc to be tradable, because I want to be able to give my pets the best gear for fun

2) How can I put a spell on a wep or aug as a proc? I would like to make an aug with the SK epic click as a proc, to put on my pet's two weps, for when I play around with raid things.

3) I would like to use mercs in raid zones, is that possible?

Make sure to write your reply in a complete SQL n00b friendly language

Thank you in advance.
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