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Default Fear Pathing Fix

Is this something that can be fixed?
Regular pathing seems, for the most part, okay.

Once Feared, or mobs hit 20% health they run.

When they run, the seem to have a hard time staying on the nodes. Extremely difficult to hit when they keep dropping through the world.

The other pathing issue I am having is when a pet pulls. For whatever reason they seem to ignore the pathing nodes. Often pulling through walls and making them visible--but unable to hit.

I'm using akka's installer, late 2017.
1. Feared Mobs drop through pathing nodes when running on slopes.
2. Mobs pulled with pets, may ignore collision--causing a 'unhittable' glitch
3. Chasing mobs as a melee, even without slopes, can be difficult.

If no-one else has these issues, then it might be server lag--but i can't help think its something i can fix.

If there hasn't been any workarounds for these, what do i need to start playing with to provide us with one?
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