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Originally Posted by trevius View Post
Enough with the name calling and flaming, guys (both of you). This is a warning.

wolfwalkereci, maybe if you had taken the time to explain why contacting Hunter via the EZ forums is not an option to you, people would be more willing to help you. Also, if you hadn't been so rude to the people trying to help you, you would have been more likely to get help. Even though they didn't give you exactly what you had requested, they did give you what you should have been needing, which is the link to the EZ forums which should be your best bet for contacting them.

I know of 2 of Hunter's accounts on these forums and would have shared them with you if you hadn't started off so rude and also continued in that way without explaining yourself in the least. After seeing the attitude, it really makes me question your intentions with getting his account information here...
This is kind of off-topic but not completely, but Trevius I think it would be best for the admins of the forum NOT to give out any 'account' information on server administrators for the forums, even if it were a nice person.

This guy may have gone about it in the wrong way but his intentions are sketchy. Giving out a forum account is almost as bad as someone giving out their sony username (for live eq,eq2,etc.) in certain respects.
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