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Hill Giant
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S3DSpy kept crashing/hanging on me trying to insert anything at all into certain files (gequip.s3d, omensequip.eqg... inexplicably, since they're all structured identically as archives). Made a quick replacement just for importing and exporting files from .s3d/.eqg: EQGExport. It's a bit more ergonomic than S3DSpy as well if I say so myself. C++ source is included.

Also added another small thing to the WLD Editor Suite -- an editor for particle data for .s3d-based weapon particles. Most fields are unknowns, but I managed to find the ones for particle lifetime, delay between emissions, and how many of the same particle can be alive at once. Which is enough to make old weapons pump out absurd amounts of particles. With some trial and error and observation of a certain flag one can also change whether the particles stick around a weapon as it swings (animating stictly in weapon-space) or trailing behind it as it moves (animating in world-space around the point at which they were emitted).

The particle editor has EQGExport integrated into it so there's no need to export and import from the .s3d's as a separate step. If I make any other tools they'll also have this.

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