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Default Fantasy RP

Fantasy RP
location: West Coast USA

The server is in western washington at the moment, but will soon (month or two) be moving to california.
Orginionally i made this server for my family to play on, but decided to remove it off private login.
I come from the 'older' days of being a 'live' gm from before kunark, and gm in uo. Roleplaying, having fun, hanging out, and doing funny crazy stuff was where it was at. Events were king. The story of the adventure. Its about the experience, not the 'xp'. Most the played time on my live characters was spent goofing off or helping lower level people, etc. This being the case i wanted a place free and derift of a lot of the younger more problematic warcraft crowd ('barrens chat' need i say more), min maxing, and the general bad attitudes that seemed to have come around long after my pen and paper gaming. If you enjoy comparing epeens of what raid gear you have today vs someone else, or 'whats the best race-class and gear' or how many characters you can multi box, then your best bet is to play somewhere else.
The only kind of trolling flamers I want to see are the ones from a swamp that got lit up by a mage.


Doubled XP.
Normal xp can be painfully slow, but too much doesnt allow for enjoyment of some of the lower range zones. You would level so fast you wouldnt be their for more than a few minutes. Whats the fun of that?
AA xp also doubled and group experience enhanced slightly.

Default HP and Mana regen doubled.

No Drop Items disabled.
I felt you should be able to trade items to anyone you want. Seen to many nice items go to waste.
Lore, no rent, and no trade (usually quest items and such) of course still exist.

Fantasy enforced nameing policy. Yep. Apart from the naming filter, i also review the character name database periodically. Being logged out wont help if your trying to be a sneaky lil pita. I have no qualms about perma banning ip's or subnets. Odds are you wont need to petition me about someones name as i will find it on my own. Humor is ok, just keep it in check.
So dont force me to bring out my friends from Neriak to bust you up. Just use some imagination and make a decent character.

Max level is 65. (currently)

2 logins per IP address.
This is to help enforce limiting of multi boxing which is forbidden here. There *usually* isnt more than 2 people playing on a small lan or cable modem, so this isnt a problem for the vast majority of users. There are plenty of other servers that allow boxing you can play on if this is your thing. It doesnt serve much purpose on a RP server.

Bind is anywhere, not just towns. Just do not abuse this.

OOC and Auction are not serverwide.
If you want to contact someone, find them with /who and use tells or group with them.

Corpses have your gear. You die, you go get your gear. Hahaha. er ahem. yea. *innocent look*
This only happens later on after you level up a little bit of course so when your little your still safe... for a while.

XP loss on death cut in half. This was to give a gentle pat on the head for having to find and loot your corpse. *grin*

Anti spam is enabled. Too much spam and you get an autokick.

The Rules:

Heavy use of OOC frowned apon. Again, use who and tells/group chat for general chatter. Shout should be used in a rp manner typically as well.
You may get a warning for abusing ooc, or you might not. Be respectful of it please. Note that brand new players cant speak in tells or ooc and such at all until they have played for a little while (no it literally wont let you hehe) and i left this 'option' in.

As previously mentioned, Multi boxing is not allowed here.
Playing your wifes character while shes at the toilet is ok; you *know* what im talking about.
This isnt the server your looking for if your wanting to min-max or are bent on power leveling. Thats not what its about here. Leveling should be something that just occurs here. Your better off visiting one of the easy epic servers if this is your thing. Profanity, racism, and religious/real world politics are to be left outside the server.

Exploiting, macroing and third party programs, etc is forbidden (as usual).
Inappropriate behavior, intentional server abuse, or anything i think is problematic will result in whatever action i see fit. Users are a guests here. The rules and actions/decisions are at my convenience to change or enforce.

Being this *is* a fantasy RP server, Character/Guild naming policy is STRICTLY enforced here.
If its just slight i might ask for the user to have a new choice of name, if its not anywhere close i might rename it myself, and if its just plain derogatory or not remotely rp, you might just be deleted and or banned. This shouldnt be hard to figure out; noone should be outraged or find it unexpected if they chose to go against the policys here.

- Dark
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