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I started a new server thread for something that was a simple experiment, but it has
become a long term project, as I feel more serious about it now. Even though it's
a project that's just getting started with lots of work to do to for development, the
work will continue with anyone who feels like playing on it.
I am not concerned about attracting a player base right now, but for anyone who
does log on, it's goals are going to be very strictly driven into the OoW era, including
content, loot, NPC's, etc., as development moves forward.
If a player finds out of era items or loot, be forewarned, it may disappear without
notice. Something you see today, may not be there tomorrow, or for that matter,
3 months from now. Forums have been setup for player info, getting started, support
as well as posting updates about the server's development progress. Please direct
all support questions there :
NOTE: Server has been rebooted from it's former name on list (Alpha OoW)
Thank You for your patience
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