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Just wanted to mention, the forums I setup for the server are not limited to only players on
that server. Discussions can be started there, regardless of whether one plays on it or not.
I don't want to be that "closed minded",
I have to apologize for a mistake I made when I set the forums up. The "guest posting"
was supposed to be disabled, but I didn't realize I overlooked that, until I saw one today.
It's been corrected to it's intentions now.
Also, the server forums main function of being there for support topics and equally
important, the need for players to gain info before they choose to logon to the server.
Today, I made a little change in the ruleset to encourage this practice by setting the required
level for chat to 5. It's not a matter of just visiting the forum for the client files, it's important
to read the rest of the info, so you don't find yourself logging on to the server with a level 1 toon,
asking questions already answered on the forums site. That info is for player benefit, not mine.
I appreciate your patience and understanding.
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