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Well, server has been up for two weeks now, but i find something fascinating
about the fact it's a regular type of grind, without all that modern QoL one
commonly sees, but in that two weeks, one of the few active players has one
of his single toons up to level 58 already without having the privilege of
boxing a group.
No auto skills/spells, no custom porters, no gear vendors, OOC regen disabled,
no exp boosts, etc."Most" out of era amenities kept out of the game.
Maybe higher end content will put limits on the toon, but he still likes to
solo as far it can go. (I think he mentioned he likes the challenge).
During future development, the high end of the game will have mobs toned down
to a one-full group doable status, but with difficulty. But the server will
maintain it's ruleset including max 2-box, regardless of population (0 or not).
It's fun to watch a player enjoy the challenge as he does it himself. No fear.
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