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Question What do you think of this?

Hey there, long time lurker/follower, toyed around a few times with it but now coming back to the emulation world. when I last played with this I was a gamer and a kid. now I'm a seasoned software engineer.

I'm probably in the minority here as this has always been a c++ project but I saw a post from a while back about making a c# version of the project and got to thinking as I'm a c# developer with the integration recently of mono and xamarin into C# and .net core finally being a thing. If anyone would be interested in working on a C# rendition of this project and converting the c++ over to c# I think with potential time and effort we could technically see eqemu running well under c# core and potentially able to spin up a server with just an android phone.

This is just a c# developer thinking out loud but would be interested in community thoughts on this.

Feel free to bash me on it, I can take it.. (i'm just glad I'm not a java, javascript or php developer.)
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