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Default UPDATED: Approved Akka's Repack Update 8-26-2015

If you are using my repack, and you want to update your server software, there is no current automatic way, but I have stable binaries built and approved through testing here:

UPDATED (8-26-2015) STABLE (From 2-13-2015)

To Update
  • Go to your server folder
  • Backup all of your .exe's (Just incase)
  • Extract the .rar into your server folder and overwrite the .exe's if necessary
  • Run world.exe
  • It will pull down a database upgrade script which will prompt you to update your database
  • Backup your database with option 1) (To be safe)
  • Once that is done, choose option 3 to stage updates so it can figure out which updates need to be ran
  • Run option 3) again to apply the updates
  • Run option 5) to pull down latest opcodes
  • Option 0) to exit
  • Close world, use your server start .bat as normal
  • Done, enjoy all the fixes and stability changes as of 8-26-2015 as well as RoF2

This will also work for all other windows installs.

Perl version 5.12.3
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