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Just a reminder people, this thread is open to EVERYONE

WHAT do you want to see a write-up on?

WHAT would help you in your Emulator journey?

WHAT would help the community?

Contribute to this thread by posting about constructive ideas that we can put into this next years doc refresh


"I would like to see a refreshed doc as to how to handle Diablo Loot on my server, this is something I've wanted for a long time"

"The auto scaling thread is broken and appears out to date, can we get an updated guide as to how to auto scale NPC's on our servers?"

"The Doors plugin MySQL insert query no longer works, can we get the doors plugin refreshed?"

"I've always wanted to know X works, can we make a write-up about that?"

"There is a lack of X LUA documentation - I'd really love to see some examples for that"

Thanks everyone

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