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Hey Bard,

Not sure if you are following this anymore, but I just went through the process of doing a fresh build. One thing is for sure, it was not smooth. There are several factors that impact.

If you can accept defaults,
everything installed to C: drive
have admin rights on your box
have a very clean and well running machine
a good internet connection without intrusive antivirus/malware
not planning any dev(coding work)
want to do minimal database mods
will use the public login

You should be able to use the modular/scripted install.

changing even a few of those parameters can make the entire process very complicated

If you are running a private server, use caution with the NEW_SERVER function in - this is going to pull down executables and database for the standard delivery mentioned above(no bots, public server etc)

My current issue is that is not pulling all the .sql that actaully is required to run a private server.

After doing some manual sourcing of what was missing I was up and running.

The process is also ever changing making the documents almost immediately out of date, the current documents on gitbook are a work in progress, there is some good information there, but as I stated some of that isnt even needed anymore (like installing the vcpkg) and that C-make will default to 64bit build etc.

Now that I'm running I can probably help you, if you are still reading. I'll watch for you.
I'd send you my directory but it's got files that specific to my database which would cause even more problems

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