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Default Question regarding the final boss event in Txevu

I'm not sure if this is the right sub-forum for this, but here goes...

I was wondering about the Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk fight at the end of Txevu and how it's supposed to go as I've never done it on live. From the guides I've read, it looks like the primary DPS source for defeating him comes from a charmed "a mastruq chaosslayer" as the boss is invulnerable to all damage but pets, unresistable spells, and damage shields. However, in my initial tests, it looks like the DPS from this charmed NPC is far too low to kill him before the timer expires. My tests were done with a 65 enchanter charming the mob while I'm invulnerable so I could do a charmed NPC DPS check.

When looking into it, I noticed that the chaosslayer spawns with two Blades of Chaos in the loot table, which looks to match the original event on live. These blades have a large bane damage component which I'm guessing is to aid in DPS against the boss but not shred the charmer too quickly on a charm break.

However, I believe the chaosslayer is not actually using the weapons when attacking which could explain the low DPS. I tried editing that weapon in the DB in case it wasn't usable to the NPC due to some basic flags, but so far my changes haven't resulted in the weapons being equipped by the NPC. I did some searching and tried a few things, such as changing the texture to show the weapons like they're equipped but that didn't seem to help them be functional. I also tried removing/adding them to the mob on the fly but to no avail. It's still "hitting" instead of "slashing."

I'm totally new to all emu details and how pet equipping/attacking with weapons even works, so I'm likely just missing something simple or obvious. For all I know NPC weapon damage doesn't work like this and the items this mob drops are just for show, but I can't otherwise explain the low DPS yet.

Is this within the scope of the code as defined currently, and/or is there anything I could look into to try to tweak it with just item or NPC changes in the DB? I was looking into making this a doable event with a small-ish but well-geared raid force of 65s without changing mechanics too much. Something like changing the bane damage on the weapon seemed like a viable tuning knob if I could get it working.
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