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Default Asheron's Call Emulator

I know that this will fall on mostly deaf ears but the MMORPG Asheron's Call will be laid to rest and sunset on January 31st, 2017.

You might have heard of it if you played EQ back in 1999 since AC was launched in that same year.

Unfortunately, every attempt at an emulator over the years has been met with a C&D order, and all projects stopped entirely. One project did get a little farther than most though, a project called UAS2, but more on that below.

AC has been in maintenance mode for 3 years now and will be shut down forever in three more weeks. This has caused somewhat of a "panic" in the community and some of us are trying desperately to start a movement on an emulator again for our beloved game.

Just to prove how sad this really is take a look here if you really want your heart broken:

With that said, we are looking for any support we can possibly get over at our new forums:

We're looking to possibly build off of the last C++ based UAS2 Asheron's Call emulator in an attempt to bring AC back to life in the form of working private servers.

Unfortunately our preliminary efforts on finding seasoned and dedicated C++ developers to help with the emulator project hasn't been easy. If you can help us in any possible way or know someone that can, then please stop by the forums or join our Discord chat at:

Thanks for reading!
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