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Default ROF Client performance (Linux)

I'd prefer to run my emu from Linux, I have no trouble if using the Titanium client. I'd like to use the ROF client but it just does not run under Linux.

I've got Linux Mint 19.1 on a 500gb drive.
A10/16Gb ram
R9 280
Titanium works great under POL4.3.4/Wine
-Try to run ROF client, considerable lag when starting the game and logging in. 15+ minutes to load char select. Over an hour to enter the world.

I've got Win10 on a 250gb drive. My ROF client works great here, no complaints. I just hate Windows.

I think the ROF client has some settings to take advantage of multi-core/threads that POL is unable to process which is why one core saturates to 100% cpu usage and the game is unplayable. I've tried using the performance settings from the ROF client setup guide and they are more geared towards a Win setup than Linux.

Are there any settings I should try with either POL or with the eq client files? I much rather use Linux over Win but if it's a lost cause, I guess it is what it is. I know my system is old but it runs what I want without issue. I know I'm probably losing about 50% of my graphics processing power using Linux because there are no specific linux driver updates from AMD for this card, its registered as a Radeon HD7950-8950.But I think the issue is with the cpu and it running on a single core.
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