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I get it. This check_handin (which is already in the plugins folder) contains the return_items script. That said, it does not appear to be working. I'll keep testing. Probably restart the server, to make sure it's not something hardware related.

Followup - I just shut down and restarted the server, double-checked that the script is the same, and then checked the quest again. I have a backpack full of knight cards (item 13995 I think). When I give Doran the knight card, he says something like "Thank you - here is your reward." He actually gives you nothing. I am not carrying any blackend alloy or blackend iron. I do the hand in numerous times and he never returns anything.

This is the code for
  if (plugin::check_handin(\%itemcount, 13995 =>1 )) {
    quest::say("Thank you, here is your reward.");
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