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Just to be thorough, I copied the plugin from the Quests/plugins folder to the server folder AND the server/plugins folder. I then did a #reloadqst and tried the turnins again. No change. He says the usual, "Thank you, here is your reward." with nothing returned on person on pointer or in inventory.

What more information do you need? No changes to this quest has been made. It is the original one from an earlier version of AKKA's server install package a while back. I/we don't change plugins or any other code for that matter, without thorough understanding of what's being done, what the repercussions are and heavy testing. I was informed of this issue yesterday and am trying to identify why it doesn't work. I am unaware of other quests that work like this, but have not found or identified any others that are not working at this time.

What information do you need? I provided the short quest. You provided me with the latest version of which I copied and pasted, then compared with the one that was there, and it was identical. I am not receiving any errors on it and the logs are not providing any useful information either.
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