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Originally Posted by Tegila View Post
i was just referring ot the poll only including the first 5, and it was made just this past october, while a lot more than those 5 (10 just in titanium) are available and have been, well at least all in titanium. Don't understand the use of "era" in the question with that being the case, maybe it was just poorly worded for what op was really looking to ask, or maybe they were really meaning to ask about p99 not all eqemu.

Because absolute majority of Emu players mostly played EQ before 2004 and mostly quit during 2004 when the EQ2 and WoW were released and game lost 2/3rds of its population in a matter of weeks. Therefore these people (myself included) hardly care for anything past that point - we rather prefer to relive the old content (VERY OLD content) but maybe redone with quality improvements.

Myself I am working on a FULLY CUSTOM server that will be comprising on mostly Original World and concentrate on a long adventure from 1 to 50, with bulk of the game taking place in 30s and 40s.
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