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I played from Velious launch through DoN. Unfortunately I never got to experience true end-game content in era until PoP. VT was already on farm status, however I did get to enjoy plenty of VT raids to gear us up for 3rd/4th tier PoP. As such, my fondest memories were PoP progression, and each new win getting us closer and closer to Time. Luckily for me, PoP came out the same year I graduated high school and started junior college, so needless to say my priorities were EQ first, school/work second, and I was able to spend the time needed to progress through PoP successfully.

We were also progressing through GoD and I don't remember how close we were before I quit... I think we were just one zone away, having Txevu access but not quite to Tacvi yet.

Nowadays with a family, kids, a house that never seems to stop sucking up money, and 2 jobs to support all of the above, time for EQ is limited. So I now play on my own bot-enabled server where I am semi-legitimately progressing from classic onward. I've got AoW and Vulak on farm status (it takes a long time to gear up 71 bots!) and just a couple weeks ago got my first Emp kill. Finally completed VT key yesterday as a matter of fact and as soon as I entered VT... it felt strangely familiar even though I hadn't been there in over 15 years. Definitely more so than ToV or Kael did. I'm excited to go through VT, PoP, and GoD coming up.

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