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Default Creating zone folder and quest npc

Good morning Emu'ers. Long time member, just recently started my own server and loving it so far, awesome to learn all this new stuff and this community has been a huge help with solving most of my problems.

My server is using Freeport City Hall as its central hub, where I intend to populate it with quest NPC's, buffers, skill trainers, the whole nine. However, I've run into the issue of being unable to find the zone folder in "quests" within the eqemu directory to add perl scripts to my created NPCs. I created it myself, then created the NPC's quest folder but I can't get the NPC's to respond to anything even after a few server restarts. (Side note: #rq and #reloadquest only bounces back an error, is there another command that accomplishes this in game?)

A few ideas I have are that this zone is not supported by PEQ yet, this zone was instanced on live and not a static zone, I did change this in the PEQ php editor but I'm not sure it does anything as the zone to West Freeport still doesn't function. Perhaps the naming convention for the folder it lies within, or the zone itself is different than what I've created? Wondering if I need to pick a new central hub.

Any tips or advice greatly appreciated! Below is the zone folder path and the perl script path to the NPC.


EDIT: None of the "extra" freeport zones are in the eqemu folder either, despite those being fully populated with NPCs. (Theater, Hall, Academy, Sewers, Temple, Arena, etc.)
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