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In reference my other post (see "works like a charm"), the whole server was working perfect without issues. Then tonight, all I did was
run the script (in the server directory), and wanted to check_db_updates. But when I ran the script, it pulled an updated
version and got those errors shown. World won't even run now, so have to find out why. But as I said, I did nothing except run the script
for db updates, like I've been doing for a long time now.

Just to add: I've been trying to get it to convert the config over to json.(again). I have 3 different configs setup on this one box, for test.
One for local, one for lan, and one for public. I was simply trying to get them all (one by one) converted over to json. But deleting the json
config and putting one of those old configs in, it won't convert them now.

Originally Posted by Akkadius View Post
whenever new binaries are used, world.exe will automatically pull down a config converter before attempting to load the config.
This is the reason I "assumed", if I deleted the json config, replace it with another older xml config, it would
convert it over when world was run. Guess I assumed wrong, lol
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