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Thanks c0ncrete for looking into options for greater bot control. Also thanks for sharing with the community. I hope to get to a point where I can contribute as well. I would love to see this project continually get better as a whole.

I notice other classes being healed differently so I took a peak at the bot code. In SpellType_Heal Necromancers were configured to only be healed if less than 40% health. So that answered my question. I will update my initial post accordingly.

I don't really have any coding experience. Obviously I can look at some of the code and half ass follow what it is doing. Once I become more comfortable and knowledgeable I will start modifying and compiling custom settings. I have a lot of ideas I want to test out!

Thanks for everyone's help!

EDIT: Well, I can't edit my original post with the conclusion and answer so everyone will just have to read the whole thing to get it.
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