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Originally Posted by Dogmai9 View Post
I am interested in learning more about this server. I would also like to volunteer my time to alpha test this project and provide feedback, if you need the help.
I appreciate your offer, but all the alpha testing is being done as the development
progresses, with the help of a friend, in which the two of us will do a complete
alpha test before the beta release in August, (middle'ish).
A lot of game play info that clients need will be made available on a website, a few
weeks prior to release, which will give them a chance to read all about it.
There will be custom progression maps layed out on the website that players will
want to reference from time to time.
It's a very different and unique type of solo progression server that just may prompt
players to "expect the unexpected".
I apologize, but my desire for discretion has nothing to do with "dev secrets", it's all
about wanting to throw in some in-game suspense for the players.
I have already long anticipated that this kind of server won't be for everyone. Once
all the details are released, I am 99 percent confident of "mixed reviews".
But to be perfectly honest, it's something that will either walk, run, fly or crash. We
won't know anything, until it happens.
In latter part of July, website, forums and discord will be made available.
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