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Originally Posted by Tamian View Post
Reread your post - what I responded was incorrect. Your login server is connecting, and you are logging in successfully -- but you said it is not showing you the server?

If you would like, PM me full copy of your eqemu_config.xml, login.ini, and eqhost.txt (from your client). What I also need is IP of router, IP of server, and IP of client. I am asking, as you have an unusual IP shown as the client --- one that makes more sense as a router.
I can do that, the client IP you are seeing is the result of NATing behind a commercial cloud based firewall and router. This is a VM existing in a hyperV cloud, and has a virtualized NAT based public IP.

You are correct, it does login, but the server select screen shows no servers at all. It's is like the login server is running, but the world server isn't registering as an available world for us to select.

I will compile the files you are looking for and PM them. Thank you for your help.

Also, just as an example, after logging in, which does work - this is what I see and hence the problem
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