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Cool Barbecue Chips

Might seem like an odd question, but does anyone else miss the joys of really cheap barbecue potato chips? Into the 90s and even 5-10 years ago, it wasn't hard to find a good old fashioned bag of cheap bbq chips. You know the ones, where half of them are bright orange and loaded with flavor? I love those to put on sandwiches lol, the newer "higher quality" chips just don't have the flavor so you pilem and pilem trying to make up for it, and it's still kinda lackluster.

Does anyone know some good brands of good ol' cheapie bbq? Am I the only one that insists on bbq for chips on their sandwich? I know a lot used to do it, but as soon as I did with the cheap chips we had as kids, there was no g o.oing back to plain or any other flavor, and modern chips do too good of job spreading the seasoning even on the dollar bags. Every now and then I could still find a bag of great value like this, but not often, and recently I've found at least a usable amount in price chopper storebrand, but 3/4 of the bags are still not orange enough lol.

Anyone know a good brand to try? Or is anyone else on the search for some good old-fashioned foods from yesteryear, or just not available after moving to another area? I thought it was a bit nuts when I couldn't find white hots (white hotdogs made from lamb, AKA snappy grillers or coneys...they have an entirely different seasoning set and flavor, but don't tryem in a chilidog it just doesn't work) outside new york state, unless o wanted to pay 50bucks a lb to havem shipped lol. Also difficult to find salt potatoes, or horseradish cheese outside ny.

These are all naughty unhealthy foods, but great to have now and again, and sadly they're the one reason I was glad to move back to this state a few years back. Now I'm confronted with the lack of Boston Markets lol
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