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My mother also did peanut butter and butter or pb and mayo..which both sound weird but aren't bad and I don't really like mayo.

What about the billion and a half different versions of shepherd pie there are? I Brown my meat with minced onion, liquidsmoke, splash of vinegar, and some powdered beef bullion then cook down the juices. I mix that with sweet Vidalia onion sweet baby rays bbq sauce, then later corn, mashed potatoes (I prefer the loaded baked pouches) and Colby Jack on top. A housemate skips the extra meat seasonings, uses mixed veggies, and no cheese. My ex mother in law made a crust from bisquick to layer over the top instead of the cheese, but otherwise mostly like mine minus with bbq sauce but not the other seasonings. We've also found mixing creamed corn with regular works nice too if you have issues getting rid of creamed corn in your house.
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