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Banana and mayo? /shudder.

PB n banana are necessities though lol.

Ulrec: yeah after the merge with saryrn, shahrazad started poaching from saryrns raid guilds, then one of saryrns raid guilds picked up the habit, and within a year over half those guilds were gone or merged, cpl years later it was just those 2 left standing, shahr under a new name, and apparently expacs before this one killed them too, so raiding is totally dead on bertox now save some doing years old stuff. Some of those guilds were raiding since 99. Sad. Hasn't been a server merge since. Think they finally realized mergers lower profits cause raid guilds were the big payers once f2p launched. Now, it's kronos and people sell this ridiculous random rare drops for about 5 each, i.e. almost a hundred bucks. Kronos great for the game, random tradeable rares that are the best in the game, not so much
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