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Post EQ Cleanup - Cleans up/Tweaks DB and Quest files

The idea is simple. You grab a fresh copy of PEQ's DB/Quest files. It gives you so much great stuff to start your server from! But, you don't like X feature that EQ introduced. How do you remove it?

What is EQ Cleanup?: It's a tool that removes DB and quest entries by giving a simple menu of tweaks.

Note: This tool is still an experiment and it *DOES* delete records in your DB and quests. Use at your own risk. And BACKUP!

How does it delete things? I always keep the original items and npc_type entries around in case you plan to repurpose it, so instead, I go for every possible way that NPC or item may exist in the game, so that only #summonitem or #npctypespawn can bring them back.

What are some features to it?
Currently, it allows:
Remove Soulbinders
Remove Rodents and Exterminators
Remove Trick or Treat NPCs
Remove Tribute Masters
Remove Defiant Armor
Remove Spells, Tomes
Remove Nexus Portal NPCs
Disable Rain and Snow

How do I use it? On your server, copy the executable for your OS to the root directory of your eqemu install (the same directory eqemu_config.xml is located). If all goes well, it will read the eqemu_config.xml file and connect to the DB, and once an option is selected, will apply the needed changes. Ensure your server is SHUT DOWN during the operation, or adverse effects may occur.

How complete is this? It is still on an EARLY alpha state, however I have had no side effects thus far by using it.

Where do I download it? You can download it on the main website.

I don't trust your EXE! Understandable. You're free to recompile and review the source here. I release EXE's for convienence, however if you are familiar with GoLang it is not difficult to compile it yourself.

I want to run it on OSX, 32bit windows, etc Click this link for other OS releases.

I want to request a feature, or found a bug! I'm happy to hear from people using this tool. You can reply to this post, or even better, create an issue on github.

~Shin Noir
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