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Old 03-18-2022, 09:13 AM
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Default Removing lines from .wld files

Long shot and specific inquiry, but I am wondering if anyone is still versed in navigating .wld files...

I'm playing on the TAKP server lately, and want to use the original skeleton models. The default on that server is Luclin, so they are using model 60. You can easily accomplish the effect through removal of 'global6_chr'. However, this method breaks global Alligators, Drakes, Tigers and a couple other models.

This server does not have a globalload equivalent, and specific zone model loading (zone_chr.txt) does not appear to function.

I did make progress by overwriting the Luclin skeleton textures in global6 with broken .dds textures on the same naming structure. This will load all global models in global6, but they will not animate.

I'm curious if anyone around still has some understanding of .wld character files where a model could be removed/broken enough to retain animation of the other models in that same file. I've played with all the tools I can find here, but they appear to be additive to .wld and unable to delete/modify. Ideally, I'm after a global6 with all references to "ske" removed.

I did notice global6 on TAKP breaks and creates a .chk file with slight modification, halting most of my attempts.

Thanks for any input!
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Old 03-19-2022, 08:37 PM
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Dunno if this will help, but worth a shot..
WLD Editor Suite
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