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Old 03-15-2019, 06:38 AM
Fire Beetle
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Default Noob questions about zones (sorry)

I've been working on a new server based on the peq database and have a couple of really basic questions.

I want my server to be Luclin (with later expansion tinto PoP) and have set the general flag to only this expansion. But ... The database is HUGE. A lot of work has gone into this. I am staggered by the commitment of all those involved with this project.

Noob question 1.
The database has loads of zones from many expansions. Is there a way to "turn off" these zones? Does it matter if they are in the database - do they actually do anything until you zone into them (eg load NPS etc)? Do they use any resources (CPU, memory etc that will lag me out if I don't turn them off?

Noob question 2.
Where are the definitions for zone lines, and where does it say which zone to move into?
I know there are "door" events when you click to enter a zone - but I can't find the place where the "normal" way to zone is stored.

Noob question 3.
I can use a script to cast a spell (eg translocate) on a player. But is there a funtion to move a player to a specific point in any target zone allowed by the NPC script?

Can anyone point me in the right direction please.

Thanks for any help,
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Old 03-15-2019, 09:54 AM
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1. You'll need to edit your "zone" table and either set the min_level to higher than your players can obtain, or the min_status to 80 or anything really that's higher than the base status given to players. 80 is Guide level access.

2. This is all handled in the "zone_points" table.

3. There's alot of different ways to go about this depending on your situation but here are a couple examples:

quest::gmmove(x, y, z);
quest::movegrp(zone_id, x, y, z);
quest::movepc(zone_id, x, y, z, heading);
quest::MovePCInstance(zone_id, instance_id, x, y, z);
quest::moveto(x, y, z, heading, saveguardspot);
$client->MovePC(zoneID, x, y, z, heading);
$client->MovePCInstance(zoneID, instanceID, x, y, z, heading);
Bookmark this page: https://github.com/EQEmu/Server/wiki/Perl-API
You're going to reference the stuff on there alot. haha
Happy Dev'ing!
Developer of the Imperium Server.

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Old 03-15-2019, 05:08 PM
Fire Beetle
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Thank you so much for this information.

1. I noticed the "80" field in the zones but had no clue what it meant. I can now set zones to "off-limit" if I mess up with zoning, porting or translocating.

2. I have found the info you are referring to. Each zone has several zone points that head to a new zone_id with x,y,z. I will be able to sort this out (with a little time).

3. I knew about the NPC trans spell, and the GM move - didn't realise you could use that in a script - brilliant.

I think I can now restore tha original Freeport, commons Ro set-up and also change the pointers for the druid/wiz ports to go to the right zones. Now, with this new info I can "join" the zones together properly.

Thanks again for the info. I understand it way more than I did.

I am having so much fun setting this up, and I haven't started playing yet.

You are a fantastic community to help out newbies like myself over-indulge their nostalgic EQ time.

Thanks again
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teleporting, zones, zoning

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