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Old 01-10-2019, 10:33 AM
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Default Server Idea

I had a server idea that I wanted to share with the community. I am not a developer, so anyone who has talent / interest is welcome to take the idea and run with it. I know there have been servers with similar ideas, but I think this takes it to the next level.

Everquest 1 + Path of Exile skill tree = ???

Imagine if you will, a large skill tree with many different nodes ranging from basic stats like STR, STA, DEX, INT, WIS, CHA to iconic abilities like slow, mez, ressurection, feign death, nukes, dots, and every other core ability found in everquest.

The primary idea is to create a classless system where anyone can be any combination of classes but the chances that your character is exactly the same as anyone else's is almost impossible. Add to this a limited number of skill points and a very rigid respec system and you have extreme longevity and replayability.

Hope this gives some of you talented coders some ideas.
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