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Old 05-27-2018, 04:59 PM
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Default EQ Classless

After much consideration, I have decided to convert the project that was EQ: Battle Royale into EQ: Classless.
Why? Because a full item loot, classless pvp server wasn't as popular and launched at an inopportune time, and the players who went to try the server were PVE players primarily. I believe the fast-paced, classless niche outweighs any benefits a PVP server would bring.

As such, I have turned the server into a PVE Classless server with RNG-based spell/gear drops.
The server is currently in Kunark and will stop at PoP.

Here are the revised rules:

- No boxing, strict 1 IP limit - the world is yours and yours alone to travel through.
- "Easier" Raid Zones -We've tweaked a lot of the raid bosses to be easier, but with competition via PvP in mind. Future content will include later expansion content tuned to this system. Raid content is tuned for 6-12 players, though raid content will be the least of your issues.
- Classless system - All players are able to use and scribe any spell scroll, dual wield any item, and track down their enemies. Double attack is available from level 1, and disciplines are available at 45+. Use any classes' spells in any capacity that you feel comfortable with. Create your favorite hybrid.
- All items are no longer nodrop - Hand-me-downs were one of the best things about EverQuest, and having all items trade-able expands on this feature.
- Do anyone's epic quest - Ever want to dual wield a Ranger/Warrior epic? Now you can!
- Increased Regeneration - Outside of combat, your HP/Mana regen is increased significantly. This speeds up the pace of gameplay.
- Increased EXP - With a super-fast 8 times experience rate, it's easy to catch up to your friends who have been playing for a while.
- Accurate EverQuest - With the support of the TAKProject database and client, the game looks, feels, and is authentically EverQuest. Working combat formulas shape an otherwise non-classic experience.
- A hub zone - The Ethernere. This zone is considered a Haven zone, to let you get your bearings before you go out into the world and start killing monsters. There is a translocator in the town that will teleport you to a few locations, however, if you ask her nicely. Your starting ring will take you back to the Ethernere as a click effect.
- RNG-based loot system - NPCs throughout the world will have a chance to drop exceedingly rare items during your travels, ranging from armor, to spell scrolls, to weapons, and more. If you're lucky, exceedingly rare treasures can drop depending on NPC level.

Discord Server link:
Website link:
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