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Old 08-13-2019, 09:06 PM
Fire Beetle
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Default Looking for developer(s) for new type of server.

In my opinion, the legendary Gary Gygax, founder of Dungeons and Dragons, had the right idea that I am shocked that no one has implemented. Here is what I want in an ideal server that I would financially support:

1. Allow for multiclassing up to three classes. Yes, you can use all spells, pets and armor of any of your multiclasses:HOWEVER, there are penalties: first, no boxing allowed on the server,...period. Secondly, for each additional class, there is a 20% experience penalty. Maximum number of classes for a muticlass character is 3 in total.

2. Much faster HP and mana regen; I would make each tick 2 seconds.
3. Generally much faster exp than live server. make it similar to either EQ test server or FV server.
4. Much more custom quests. They would involve assassination of specific mob(s), or killing of certain number of a type of mob etc. Other quests could be delivery quests. These should give great exp and rewards.
5. Treasure goblins potentially spawning that can be killed for treasure an/or loot or crystal drops that can be used to get special purchasable items from vendors.
5. Much faster skill gains than that of live servers
6. Everyone able to make any tradeskill items with ingredients cheaper than that of live. More and better tradeskill items
7. Daily quests found in hub
8. Easy teleport port system to almost any zone.
9. No starting faction issues by any race.
10. GM events daily that are posted hopefully giving players some notice.
11. Much faster AA gains and new and better AAs while eliminating some of the crappy AAs.
12. More solo friendly by reducing hp of mobs and their ability to summon players or create pets. However, this won't apply to raid or boss mobs.
13. More accessible vendors in hub and more NPC buffers. that can give long term buffs to players.
14. all tradeskills avialable to all players with lower prices on ingredients. Moreover, tradeskill vendors will carry most ingredients and are found in hub zone.
15. Vendors selling most spells in HUB.
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Old 08-15-2019, 06:10 PM
Join Date: Aug 2012
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Sounds good. One thing I would suggest is that you don't remove any AAs. What one person may think is crap someone else may love. Custom AAs can be fun though.
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Old 08-19-2019, 12:55 AM
Fire Beetle
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There are different calculations which determine how different classes deal and mitigate melee damage (separate from skill calculations), so how would you deal with these differences when combining classes? If you multiclass a monk and a warrior, would it deal damage like a monk or a warrior? Would it mitigate damage like a monk or a warrior? I think that part of it, unfortunately, would not be as simple as spells where you could just give someone the spell casting skills and whatever spells a casting class has.

I think this is actually an interesting idea that could be really fun if implemented properly, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone has tried it before but just ran in to too many problems like the one I just mentioned.

Here's an idea. Instead of mixing full classes and having to deal with all of the mechanics of how each pair of classes should be mixed (2 is doable manually, 3 becomes a nightmare), maybe it would be easier to instead let the players choose what class each aspect of their character comes from. As far as I can tell, each class can be divided in to the following set of properties:

AA Abilities

Combat Abilities


Offensive Melee (Damage Tables) + Relevant Skills (triple attack, flying kick, backstab, kick etc)

Defensive Melee (Mitigation and Avoidance Tables) + Relevant Skills

Other skills like Feign Death and Sneak you'd have to figure out how to roll in to this system somehow.

Imagine "multiclassing" but instead you select individual aspects from all of the classes, so you can get AA abilities from a monk, combat abilities from a warrior, spells from an enchanter, offensive melee from a rogue, etc and that ends up forming your hybrid class.

Itemizing it might be a nightmare.
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Old 08-19-2019, 12:45 PM
Fire Beetle
Join Date: Jul 2019
Location: Florida
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Default You may be on to something

Yes, letting the player choose would be nice. However, you can allow for the higher of skill sets based on the class chosen. Thus, if you have a warrior monk, it would get the higher limits for each skill. I don't see it as an issue,but letting the player choose would be a nice alternative. As far as AAs, yes that can be an issue,but I don't see why the AAs can't be combined. Thus, you would get both classes's AA. Anyway, I haven't seen anyone combine EQ with what would be found in Dungeons and Dragons.
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Old 08-19-2019, 12:45 PM
Fire Beetle
Join Date: Jul 2019
Location: Florida
Posts: 11
Default You may be on to something

deleted due to duplication below
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