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Old 03-09-2018, 08:35 PM
Fire Beetle
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Default Windows 10 Setup?

Hi, apologies if this is covered somewhere but the search function on the forums removes 10 from "windows 10" search for being to prevalent.

Has anyone gotten the server running successfully on windows 10? Guides I see seem to cover 7 and windows server editions.

I feel like I've gotten relatively close following the manual setup guide with 32-bit. However my perl seems to be barfing up a bit and my database seems to be missing some tables.

When I run world.exe:

[World Server] Loading server configuration..
[World Server] CURRENT_VERSION: 1.1.3
[World Server] Added loginserver login.eqemulator.net:5998
[World Server] Connecting to MySQL eq@localhost:3306...
[MySQL Error] 1146: Table 'richs_eq_server.logsys_categories' doesn't exist
 SELECT log_category_id, log_category_description, log_to_console, log_to_file, log_to_gmsay FROM logsys_categories ORDER BY log_category_id
[World Server] Checking Database Conversions..
Access is denied.
[Info] For EQEmu Server management utilities - run eqemu_server.pl
[Update] Bots database up to Date: Continuing World Bootup...
[Update] Database up to date...
[World Server] Loading variables..
[World Server] Loading zones..
[World Server] Clearing groups..
[World Server] Clearing raids..
[World Server] Clearing inventory snapshots..
[MySQL Error] 1146: Table 'richs_eq_server.inventory_snapshots' doesn't exist
 DELETE FROM inventory_snapshots WHERE time_index <= 1518050360
[World Server] Loading items..
[World Server] Loading skill caps..
[World Server] Loading guilds..
[World Server] Loaded default rule set 'default'
[World Server] Loading EQ time of day..
[MySQL Error] 1146: Table 'richs_eq_server.eqtime' doesn't exist
 SELECT minute,hour,day,month,year,realtime FROM eqtime limit 1
[World Server] Loading launcher list..
[World Server] Reboot zone modes OFF
[World Server] Deleted 0 stale player corpses from database
[World Server] Loading adventures...
[World Server] Purging expired instances
[World Server] Loading char create info...
[World Server] Server (TCP) listener started.
[World Server] New UCS Server connection from 80e3ac54-6977-454c-9d7c-8fef2d30e442 at
[World Server] New Launcher connection from a855bae0-ff5a-473e-8170-da97a0bc4462 at
[World Server] New Zone Server connection from 994ffdd8-3ee0-4380-a86a-2a714b1ff75d at
[World Server] New Zone Server connection from 67cd4500-2556-4066-8f70-d0d3affa9548 at
[World Server] New Zone Server connection from c43b4f7c-f78c-467a-aa1e-32ac21611be0 at
[World Server] New Zone Server connection from a1d5a8ce-8b55-4a58-9814-8d838a35ea31 at
[World Server] New Zone Server connection from 888090b6-a859-4589-9098-fc92a080df83 at
The "Access Denied" seems to come from perl. That also happens when I run any of the update check commands in the eqemu_server.pl script. It says it downloaded a file with get_remote_file in the print output, but I don't see any files ever copied to db_update folder.

One last thing I've noticed is I only end up with a ucs.exe, world.exe, and a zone command window open with the startup bat script. Not sure if there is some prompt that's silently failing but the guide suggested I would have 4.

I followed this guide for reference: http://wiki.eqemulator.org/p?Complet...er_Setup_Guide
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