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Old 02-03-2020, 08:11 AM
Fire Beetle
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Default Good solo class for tlp (duo recommendations as well)!!

I’m looking for a class that I can play solo with from time to time. I don’t always have enough time to get in a group so I don’t want to join a group just to fill a spot and leave 20-30 minutes later. I was trying to find a couple of classes that I could do a little grinding on my own when the situation calls for it. I’ve read Druid, Magician, and Necro were really good solo. I’ve also read beast is good. I saw bard used to be good or it’s still good? How does a SK fair solo?

Side note: I’ve been tempted to use my old laptop and have a duo going. What would be a good combination that I could play by myself from time to time. I’m a new player so I want to see a lot of the areas in the game. It seems like there are certain places people go for xp and that is it. I’d like to see the world and the different zones. I’ve heard Castle Mistmoore was a classic place along with Befallen. I’d like to try and duo those if I can’t get a group for them.

Thanks for all the help guys!uc browser shareit appvn
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Old 02-12-2020, 06:13 AM
Fire Beetle
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As a Druid, you have the best root in the game, best snare, charm for Chardok dog, haste charm pet, animal tash to reduce breaks, Regrowth, and good heals. Over the default duration regrowth is 10K of healing (a full CH), with buff extension itís even more. With Luclin you get Natureís Recovery, a second duration heal that stacks. Throw a mask and weapon on a Chardok blood hound or war dog and youíre good to go. With that set you can hold almost any camp in the zone by yourself. Shareit app vidmate app
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