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Old 09-14-2020, 01:11 PM
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Default Custom Idle Check

This is just a piddly little global based, idle check script I put together, using snippets and inspiration from other existing PEQ quests. It's purpose is to have a 60 minute idle timer check in most combat zones, excluding start cities and obvious non-combat zones, (Pok, Nexus, etc). When a toon is idle for 60+ minutes, it punts them to the Nexus, with a popup, explaining why. Clerics, Enchanters and Shamans are exempt from the check, for practical reasons. The classes, zone id's and timers can be adjusted to your own needs. This needs to be incorporated into your existing quests/global/global_player.pl file. (if you have one). Also, in the quests/poknowledge/player.pl file, there is an idle check/timer that needs to be disabled, as it conflicts with this script for the Pok zone.

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