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Old 12-23-2017, 10:35 PM
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Default Complete Emulator Project Documentation Refresh 2018

Complete Emulator Project Documentation Refresh 2018

Hello everyone - we've been pretty quiet from a forum front but there has been very many massive accomplishments over the past year. I'm going to update more on a general news thread, however I want to have a thread solely to the purpose of this project.

We have an incredible project and community here, with lots of tools and resources available. Some of our documentation is great, but a lot of it has become very outdated and we just don't have 80% of what we should and I want to change that.

We still have tons of new people coming in - with old resources and the simplest of things that were more available in the past, are not so available now. I've been seeing lots of the same questions

Why is this important
  • This is important because without documentation, barrier to entry on creating things, making things possible and giving back to the community is much harder. It is important to me that we have examples for every script, our entire API of LUA and Perl. HOW to use the API to do much more with far less. To allow everyone to express creativity using this amazing platform as their medium
  • Even our long time developers reference the Wiki for common references and information all of the time. It is a huge instrument when working with an area of development, backend, server content development etc.

  • Provide in depth quest API examples for both LUA and Perl - For everything, this could include how to do hp events on an encounter, triggering events on other NPC's, spawning other NPC's, quest events, rewards, task usage, literally anything that people need to enhance their servers and make a fun experience for their players
  • Documentation on our server backend systems - we have TONS of information and systems to document, I will detail those below
  • Make certain resources more available, how to guides etc.

Brand New Wiki/Docs Engine
  • We will be soon using a new Wiki engine that is vastly improved upon the one we were using before, I've been working on that and should be nearing completion in the near future. Once that is read we can start our documentation drive, and I want to be 90% done with that documentation drive within a months timeframe

What you can do to help
  • If you have been in this community for a long time, and you feel like you can provide How-To's, info snippets, script examples that can help other people, volunteer yourself in this thread, then when the time comes - we will be ready to have you help on those pieces

What do you want documented
  • Here's your big chance to say what you want more information on. It can be - how do I manage my launcher, I want to know more about config options, more script examples, task examples, door/object examples, ANYTHING. If you want our core development group to take time to put these things down, please put your ask in this thread

Disclaimer: Any post to derail this thread or go off topic will be deleted as forewarning

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