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Old 10-15-2022, 05:46 PM
Fire Beetle
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Default FVP Firiona Vie Project - Crazy good feature- Crazy good server!

So, our GM, Turmoil Toad, worked on a feature that is crazy good the past few weeks. As anyone knows about FVP (wiki below), one of the server's goals is to emulate various eras of EQ one era/server at a time. So far, the classic era is complete and we're what I would describe as middlish- 2/3 through Kunark as more zones are added regularly.

But here is the feature-- if you start in the classic era (with classic loot mind you), there is an option to copy / move your characters to the main server, currently Kunark, and play there... TT built an NPC on the classic server called "an agent of kunark", an iksar agent who you hail and then it can copy your character data pretty much in full to the kunark server.... then on the kunark server-- there will likely be an agent of velious or something of that nature to copy forward to velious, etc...

yeah-- this feature is crazy good-- check out the server (or at least the wiki listing the official goals of the server and help getting started, etc)-- it's currently friendly to solo/grouped players and to those who use mq2/e3-- the experience itself when you play is as legit as you can hope for these days with very few differences, the main one perhaps being the use of agents of change so no one gets left out on raids, etc. (even on classic)-- the gms also occasionally run events and are helpful with various player needs.

but again-- one could theoretically start a char on classic, play it, get through the classic content and classic loot as it existed in 99/2000 (and your own pace and without worrying about competition for raid bosses, etc. because of agents of change), and then when READY move forward to the kunark server, then move forward to the velious server (when released), etc...I kid you not-- the ruleset on this server is top tier and I believe this feature alone combined with the other things in progress will probably end up landing this server with legends status in the future-- the main server is already a preferred PEQ server now (green on the list).

the GM staff is BOMB.com (and there is a discord too!) and the support gms are on top of their game as well-- there is even a VERY active group of players who work to validate zones and team up regularly with other humans to tackle raid bosses, do planar runes, etc.

You can refer to my other post from a couple months ago-- that information still holds true as well-- but this server is really feature packed and amazing...and again, as said in my other post-- I'm just a player-- not a dev-- not a gm-- these are SOLELY my opinions...

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