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Old 09-03-2022, 12:18 PM
Fire Beetle
Join Date: Jan 2014
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Default Ex Machina

Hi! I'm in the process of making an eqemu server.

Aimed features:

-All zones can be scaled to your level with appropriate loot.
-Mob xp, difficulty and loot is based only their lvl everywhere.
-Expansions up to Dragons of Norrath or higher.
-2 box max = 2 per ip limit.
-2 bots spawned max.
-15 bots stashed max.
-Dire Charm that starts when you can charm.
-All characters start with a 1 min root and Call of the Hero that cost endurance.
-Summonable NPC buffer.
-Create kill tasks for any named.
-Trade gear you can't use for tokens.
-Create your own instance for any zone, scaled or unscaled is up to you (tasks can only be done in scaled instances).
-Named and raid drops are available for tokens.
-Most procs or worn effects are available as augments and detachable from items.
-Raid targets are scaled for 1 group or less.
-NPC can port you near activity locations.
-You get your spells and skills (not maxed) automatically as you level.
-OOC regen, 30 sec to activate, 1 min to full hp/mana.
-Inspect buff, target of target and spell awareness granted at start.
-Quests to upgrade your bots gear.
-Blue mobs give at least 1% xp at high level.
-Store your xp to be able to play with low levels.
-Will try to keep the zone old layouts when possible.

Would it interest anyone? I don't mind some feedback
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Old 09-04-2022, 02:29 PM
Fire Beetle
Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: Texas
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I'd play this.
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Old 09-04-2022, 08:43 PM
Amra's Avatar
Hill Giant
Join Date: May 2006
Posts: 116

Looks good =)
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Old 10-18-2022, 08:10 PM
Fire Beetle
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: sacramento, CA
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me toooooooooo!
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